New videos, back to CDMX

We posted a video version of Why Mexico to our YouTube channel–you can find the original article here–along with a shorter video, Night and day, that shows the views from our balcony.

Also, I’m excited to say that we’re heading back to Mexico City next week for several days. This is my first trip there since May, when we closed on the apartment, though Steph was out in June with our daughter Kelly and made a lot of progress on the furnishings. I’m hoping to make more progress on this trip: we still need a base for the bed in the main bedroom, some kind of combo bed/couch/futon/whatever for the second bedroom, a TV and TV stand, and other items. But it’s shaping up nicely.

Also, our son Mark will be joining us. This is his second trip to Mexico City and the first time he’ll see the apartment.

More soon!

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